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Mobile Business Apps DSL (Domain Specific Language)

Stay tuned to get more infos about mobaDSL – we’re hard working on this. You can take a look at mobaDSL at GitHub and mobaDSL Templates at GitHub. Expect end of  2016 to start with mobaDSL for your own projects.

mobaDSL will make it easier to develop mobile Business Apps for BlackBerry 10 (C++, Qt 4.8, QML) and also  Qt for Mobile(C++, Qt 5.7+, QML) on Android, iOS and Windows10.

mobaDSL supports Offline mode (caching), persistence via JSON or SQLite and getting data from own (generated) REST Server or from a REST Server of your choice.

mobaDSL is NOT an app generator, it’s a workbench, a tooling helping you to avoid copy/paste – development and entering boring stuff.

mobaDSL is based on Eclipse projects Xtext and Xtend.

More informations: follow @ekkescorner @piflo at twitter

There are also some (german) articles at Mobile / Web Developer Magazin and Eclipse Magazin.